Something crispy and creamy

A very late post.

October 15, 2010

Shops offering free Wi-Fi and laptop charging are quickly becoming a craze among students and yuppies. Fortunately, UP Manila is just a few steps from Robinson’s Place Manila where some restaurants and coffee shops are already Wi-Fi ready.

Students usually flood Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Baker’s Passion (RIP) for their free Wi-Fi and laptop charging. But today, it was different. To my surprise, it was the opening of the very famous doughnut and coffee shop, Krispy Kreme. It took a long wait before Krispy Kreme finally opened their branch in Robinson’s Place Manila.

The shop looks very festive. There were big green and white balloons fronting the shop together with the banner “NOW OPEN.” There were couches and sofas for the customers. The display counter filled with Krispy Kreme’s sweet delights looks very enticing. The whole crew look pleasant and were all smiling. Some of them were even giving away green balloons and hats for the customers and passers-by. And to top all of that, there were sockets for laptop charging and of course the mall Wi-Fi. Woohoo! One happy place for us students!

And there I am with my OrCom 152 groupmates, ready to make our communication plan for Dolan. It wasn’t just us who were there. Other familiar faces from the university were there as well. Doing their requirements or just hanging out, I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, Krispy Kreme is on top of the list of the recommended places for students to hold their meetings or hangouts.

With the sweet treats they offer, ranging from hot and cold beverages to the crispy and creamy doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is a sure hit to us Filipinos who are self-confessed “dessert-holics.” Asking about the price? We are fortunate that they offer their sweet treats at reasonable prices. At 50 bucks, you are sure to get yourself a yummy treat. My favourite 50 bucks-worth doughnut is Newyork Cheesecake. Try it! 🙂 If you buy a dozen of doughnuts, you’d actually get a discount. If you can’t get enough of their coffee, they actually sell boxes of their coffee mixture that you and your family or friends could enjoy at the comforts of your home.

Craving for doughnuts and coffee? Go get yourself one at the nearest Krispy Kreme store!


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