Being true and keeping the faith…

A very late post.

October 2, 2010

Today is the last day of my Communication Trends and Styles class, and today we are to present one of the few requirements left for the subject, the podcast. As a group, we were tasked to create a podcast that involves an interview with an Organizational Communication graduate, a public figure, or a celebrity. Being a music lover myself, I suggested to my groupmates that we interview one of my band idols, Truefaith’s frontman, Medwin Marfil.

Medwin, or Med, was very enthusiastic in accommodating our request. It was a Tuesday night when Med asked us to interview him before his band play at Aruba Bar and Restaurant in Metrowalk Plaza, Pasig City. Good thing that me and some of my groupmates arrived at Aruba ahead of Med.

Excited to interview Med, I kept myself calm trying to organize the questions I am to ask in the interview. The interview basically revolved about music, the local music industry, Med, and of course Truefaith. The interview went very smoothly. Med was really witty with his answers. He was enthusiastic in sharing his thoughts about the local music industry, about piracy, about his band, and about himself.

After the interview, me and my groupmates decided to stay at Aruba to catch the first set of Truefaith’s two-set gig. Too bad classes the following day are at 8:30AM, too early to be staying up late that night. Thanks to Med for mentioning me and my groupmates as the band went onstage. He shouldn’t have mentioned our little token of appreciation: the “akala ko barong” box of doughnuts.

The band’s upbeat but relaxing music never fails to entertain me. The songs that they played from their new album, Love Parade, are works of genius. The classics that they played still bring that same old feeling of “Hey, I really love that song!” Med’s voice just blends very well with all the other instruments in the band.

Truefaith at Aruba (from

Speaking of Truefaith’s new album, I bought a copy that very night! I felt pressured when Med announced that I should be buying the album. But it was a good decision on my part because together with the beautifully-design album, I had an autograph, a Love Parade sticker, and a Love Parade mouse pad (too bad the Love Parade shirt wasn’t available!).

the autographed Love Parade album

the autographed Love Parade mousepad and Love Parade sticker

Like what Med wrote on the mouse pad and on the cover of the album I bought, “Stay true; Spread the faith, Pam!,” Truefaith’s music is still playing on the records because they have been true and they have been keeping the faith.

Photo op with Med (from


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