3503 is the place to be

October 9, 2010

A few days ago, two of my college friends decided to live closer to our school, University of the Philippines Manila, to get away with all the hassle of travelling from Bulacan and Batangas to Manila. And following the Filipino tradition of having a house warming party after moving in a new home, our barkada did so.

It was the climax of our stress-filled week. The first semester is about to end so all the professors are giving their “hard core” requirements. In spite of it, we found time to hold a house warming party in what we call now “3503,” the unit number of my friends.

The condominium unit looks very nice – a small counter for cooking, a bathroom, a space for the sofa and television, a bedroom, and a small balcony. It seems to be a space good enough for two or three persons to live in. But today, more than ten of our barkada fit in that unit.

Everyone’s happy. We had dinner at Mang Inasal, and oh boy! We were very full. Thanks to the unlimited rice and chicken oil that only Mang Inasal offers. After dinner, we went straight to 3503. We rested for a while and then the party started. Of course our party wouldn’t be complete without the drinks. And yes, we drank, exchanges stories, and laughed all night until dawn. After finishing our drinks, thank God we were all sleepy. So we managed to position ourselves to sleep – four or five inside the room, one in the sofa, and five or six on the floor. I’ve never been to overnights with friends. It was such a nice feeling to sleep and to wake up beside the people who’ve been through your ups and downs in college.

3503 seemed to be our refuge in the battles we are facing in school and the members of the barkada were our comrades in battle. Together we fight and together we move to victory, the graduation day. Going through college seems to be easier if you have good friends with you. I bet this isn’t the last night that we will have overnights like this. Right, guys?


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