The Girls Played It Hard

August 21, 2010

Holism is My Game

 Back when I was in high school, I make sure that I get involved in a lot of activities other than academics. Yes, this is holism at work in a then-high school student. Early on, I understood that I needed to train myself in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Thank God for the existence of clubs and other extra-curricular activities in school. I auditioned and got accepted for the high school chorale, I joined the Youth for Christ, I ran and won the Vice Presidency for the Student Council, I trained for the CAT, and I applied and got accepted in the volleyball varsity.

The OrCom Diva's High School Chorale

The OrCom Diva's High School Volleyball Varsity

Entering UP Manila, I had high hopes of joining academics-related and interest organizations. It is then that I found out about the Organizational Communication Society, AdHere, and Junior Marketing Association. Unfortunately, there was no sports-related organization such as the volleyball or basketball varsity. I had no means of continuing what I have started in high school. It is only through my four Physical Education subjects that I can translate my sports-related self.

The Turning Point

 For three years, the University of the Philippines Manila Student Council has been organizing Bakbakan, the sports league open to all students. My college had try outs, but I refused to attend those. I was shy. I had a lot of worries – that I won’t have someone with me during the trainings, that I don’t know anyone there, that I am not good enough to represent the college. To simply put it, I let my chances pass for three straight years. Did I have regrets? Yes, a lot!

During my fourth year, I finally decided to join not the university-wide league but the college-wide. Iskolympics was organized by the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council. Players were needed for Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Chess. Initially I wanted to join the Volleyball team. Unfortunately, people were asking me to join the Basketball team since there were no sign ups. My height would also be an advantage, they added. And so, I joined the Basketball team. Basketball isn’t really my thing, but I know a bit about the sport. I joined the team and practiced with my fellow teammates.

Girls play balls, too!

Discipline is the Key

 It was a test of discipline. Knowing that Basketball is a strenuous physical activity, I needed to sacrifice certain things. If not quit my vice, I had to limit my cigarette smoking into2 to 3 sticks a day. I had to watch my diet, which means limiting my rice intake. I had to jog or run at least one day a week to develop my endurance. I needed to sleep early, which means avoiding staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning. It was a test of patience as well. I had to bear with all of these things to achieve my team’s goal: to bring home the bacon.

Effort Will Be Paid

 It’s Saturday. I needed to be in school at 6:30 AM to prepare for our 7 AM game. And yes, we played. Imagine all the heart stopping moments at NBA or PBA be put together in our game: three-pointers, a come from behind win, a buzzer beater. In less than two seconds left in the game time, we won. Our score was 24-22. The Department of Arts and Communication won over the Department of Biology.

In this generation of tech-savvy people, we often forget that there are different aspects of the self that needs to be developed. Yes, we may be honing our intellectual capabilities through reading and researching, and our social skills through workshops and seminars, but what about our physical self? This blog is a reminder that our physical self is important in our daily function. If the body fails, what can the mind and the soul do?

A sound mind in a sound body.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mina Loyola
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 03:47:07

    When we reported computer-mediated comm back in OrCom 104, we discussed a number of ailments people can get with continuous computer exposure, like carpal tunnel syndrome, nintendinitis, among others. I believe that excesses are always bad, and I agree with you that we must always strike a balance between our real and virtual lives. Physical activity is still important, and I salute the OrCom Diva for playing for the DAC team and being physically and virtually healthy. 🙂


  2. patpetpitpotput
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 23:16:36

    I can imagine Mina saying her comments. Haha! 😀

    “Lahat ng sobra masama.”- is this the Filipino version of that Mina? Well I agree with you both that there should always be a balance in our lives no matter what aspect of our lives we are talking about. Being wired 24/7 is just not healthy; our body needs sunlight and fresh (not so available hehe) air. We need to “galaw galaw baka mastroke” right? 😛 It just makes sense that if our body fails, the mind could not perform anymore.

    As for me, I think walking’s enough for me to keep my body “healthy.” 😛


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