Making it Contagious

September 18, 2010

What comes to your mind upon hearing the term “virus” or “viral?” I assume that most of you will cite germs, diseases, illnesses, bacteria, contagion, and all descriptions in line with the aforementioned ones. So, what now is a viral video? This has been a loosely used term for all sorts of videos posted online. But, what really is a viral video?

About two weeks ago, me and classmates in my Communications and Trends class were asked to promote the video that we made for the organization of our choice. Not just promote but making the video viral. Today, we were asked to report the results of our roughly 2 weeks of promoting the video.

What Makes a Video Viral?

 I can only think of 3 things that can make a video viral:

1. Video content

The actual content of your viral video is the most crucial part with your viral campaign. Content or the topic of the viral video may vary into the following:

a. Entertaining

Entertaining videos are those that trigger the funny bones of the audience; those that are easy to digest and light

b. Scandalous/Talk of the town

Scandalous content in videos will definitely create a buzz. Admit it, people just love to gossip and talk about gossip.

c. Educating

Video content that offers new knowledge to people has a potential to be viral simply because people are always and always will be hungry for knowledge. Learning is a new continuous process and these videos would be of help to everyone.

d. Inspirational

Videos that appeal to the emotions have the potential to be viral because emotions are the core of being a human. If the core is targeted, then the remainder of the self will be affected.

e. Helpful/Practical

Videos that offer help tips and practical solutions have the potential to become viral due to the fact that people are always in search of answers to unending questions.

2. Length

The length of viral videos usually ranges from one minute to three minutes. This duration is ideal because it is usually the attention span of an individual. Going more than three minutes may bore your audience.

3. Timing

When you post a video online, it is important that you strategically post it at the time when everyone is online.

Why Use a Viral Video?

  1. Videos posted online have the potential of reaching a wide audience.
  2. Videos have the power of images and texts through sounds.
  3. Video production is relatively cheaper in cost.


Measuring the Success or Failure of a Viral Video

 How do we say that a viral video is successful or not? There is only one measure, and no, that is not with the number of views your video had. That may be considered secondarily, yes. But the primary measure of success or failure is if the video reached its intended target audience.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gj
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 17:11:22

    Absolutely agreed! 😀 I think another factor could be the very nature of the Internet itself being viral, its qualities so infectious and the manifestations so unpredictable, thanks to its dynamic character as well. It just makes it so easy for these “viruses” to make their way into our systems, providing an utterly convenient pathway for the spread of the disease – buzz about a brand/product, trend, a piece of info, etc.


  2. littlebluedreamer
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:17:13

    Wow, this viral video requirement really got on our nerves to the point that most, if not all, of us made a blog about it. 😀

    Again, it’s not about the number of views. We are not after the quantity but the quality of the promotion. It’s the scope of your reach to your target. It’s like using a sniper to hit the spot, not just a pistol. 🙂


  3. discraft
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 13:19:44

    I just wanted to add that timing isn’t just on when you post the actual video but also on the timeliness of the topic. Remember our video on Justin Bieber? We made that video at the time that Justin Bieber is mainstream, but at the same time already developing a haters-community. But, I do understand your point for timing. Our second viral video was timed during my birthday, and it was very easy to get viewers since people already view my pages. I just had to repeat posting it so that it won’t drown under news feeds.


  4. shakennotstirred007
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 16:34:33

    Form and Content. Style and Substance. Sense of Humor. Have these. And you’ll be infectious.


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