Happy 11th birthday, Sugarfree

August 18, 2010

Oh yeah! This is The OrCom Diva’s 11th blogpost! What’s so special about the number 11? To me, nothing much. But for one of my favorite bands, Sugarfree, the number 11 is very significant.

Today is Wednesday, August 18, 2010. According to my daily planner, I’m scheduled to visit Cafe Saguijo, located along Guijo St., Makati City. Why? Cafe Saguijo is one of the hottest venues for music artists and bands. Every night, a music production is put up featuring different indie and mainstream bands and artists. But what’s special about tonight’s production is the celebration of Sugarfree’s 11th year anniversary. What am I up to for tonight? It’s definitely a night full of music, friendship, and fun.

Reuniting, Reminiscing, Reliving

 I am still thrilled whenever I watch bands play right in front of me even if I have been doing so over and over again. I still feel excited whenever I get a chance to talk with some of the band members even if I have had the chance to talk with them. I’ll be going to Cafe Saguijo with few of my closest college friends and I’ll be meeting up with a new found friend last summer, my co-intern. Again, I’ll be hearing songs that I haven’t heard being played for the longest time.

The OrCom Diva's gigmates

The OrCom Diva and co-intern RJ Dalmacio

Truly, tonight is a night of reuniting, reminiscing, and reliving. Old and new friends reunite to catch up with each other. Even Sugarfree reunites with their former drummer. For the second half of the show, Kaka Quisumbing, Sugarfree’s current drummer gives way for Mitch Singson, Sugarfree’s former drummer, to play the songs from the good old days.

Being an part of the audience, I can feel for Ebe Dancel, Sugarfree’s vocalist and guitarist, and Jal Taguibao, Sugarfree’s bassist, reminiscing the days when they were just starting as a band. I can see that while they are playing, they are reliving the past – how they were as they tour the whole Philippines. Even the band’s long-time-no-see friends were there to see the band play and to bring back the good old days.

The OrCom Diva and Ebe Dancel

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

 As you may have heard, Sugarfree is one of the hottest bands in the Philippines’ local music industry. Their music has been the theme song of every Filipino falling in and out of love. In their 11 years of being together and making great music, a lot of developments have taken place.

Back in the year 2000, Sugarfree started playing in small-time venues for once or twice a week. Their demo to be submitted in different radio stations was recorded in a cassette tape. Fast forward to 2010, Sugarfree is now playing everywhere – weekly or monthly at the hottest music venues like Cafe Saguijo, Checkpoint Bar (Parañaque City), and Route 196 (Quezon City). They are always invited to perform in a lot of concerts at different events all over the Philippines.

Sugarfree's Original Band Members


With the help of the all powerful social media, Sugarfree even became more popular, tapping a wider audience. The band was able to talk to their followers through the different social media features. Their songs have reached a lot of people through uploads, links, and shares.

Sugarfree Today


11 years is not enough. Sugarfree will definitely continue invading the airwaves in the years to come.


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